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Located at the south-east coast of China, Xiamen is a popular tourist city known for picturesque scenery, historical temples and architecture, great parks and an enchanting waterfront district. Built on an island almost opposite Taiwan, trade has been vital to Xiamen’s growth. The city’s origins date back 5,000 years. It is renowned within China for its fabulous street food and snacks. Traditional dishes stem from the southern Fujianese cuisine, but with a distinctly Taiwanese flavour. Xiamen is also famous for its puppet shows, music, Gezi Opera, and temple celebration events.

Xiamen Fast Facts

Prefecture-level and Sub-provincial city 
Settled 1903 CE
Population 3,531,347

Xiamen Weather

Hottest Month July (29 °C avg)
Coldest Month January (14 °C avg)
Wettest Month June (108.3 mm avg)
Windiest Month October (14 km/h avg)
Annual Rainfall 595.8 mm (per year)

10 Things to See and Do in Xiamen

South Putuo Temple

Explore the expansive Tang Dynasty Buddhist temples, gardens, terraces, pools and pagodas.


Take a boat trip over to explore historic Kinmen county, just off the south eastern coast. 

Hulishan Cannon Fort

Enjoy great ocean views and interesting exhibits for history buffs in this historic fortress. 


Walk about the romantic, pedestrian-only island and can enjoy shopping, music, and more. 

Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street

The place to be if you love to shop big brand name stores and enjoy delicious food. 

Xiamen Botanical Garden

You can spend a whole day exploring this vast park and its species of plants. 

Xiamen Undersea World

Observe a wide variety of sea life in the aquarium and experience a trained sea lion show. 

Overseas Chinese Museum

This collection includes historical and cultural artefacts from Chinese people living overseas.

The Londoner 

If you’re keen to connect with other English-speakers, grab a beverage at this English pub. 

Xiamen Piano Museum

Musicians will appreciate this museum’s unique, famous, historic and unusual pianos. 

Cost Of Living

Cinema 55 6.28 11.47 114.38
Water 2 0.23 0.42 4.18
Beer in a bar 17 1.94 3.55 35.35
Beer in a shop 6 0.68 1.25 12.48
Coke 2 0.23 0.42 4.18
Meal at a cheap restaurant 13 1.48 2.71 27.03
Meal at an average restaurant 35 3.99 7.30 72.79
Meal at a high end restaurant 100 11.41 20.86 207.96
Gym per month 200 22.83 41.72 415.92
City bus 1 0.11 0.21 2.08
Monthly utility bills (electricity, heating, water, rubbish) 352 40.18 73.42 732.02
Loaf of bread 13 1.48 2.71 27.03

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