To Teach…

There are more than 500 million students keen to study the English language throughout Asia. The high demand for English teachers means we’re guaranteed to find a position for every qualifying job applicant. It also means you can shop around to find the perfect role for you. If you have a preferred location or you work best with certain age groups, just let us know in the application process and we’ll find the right match for you.

To Travel…

When it comes to jobs abroad, teaching in Asia is one of the most amazing places to work. Teachers in Asia enjoy time off on weekends and school holidays to explore the wonders of this ancient civilisation. Whether you enjoy a busy social life in the city, unwinding in the countryside, savouring delicious cuisine or the experience of exploring ancient sites, you’ll never run out of things to see and do in the country you’re teaching in.

To Inspire…

There’s nothing quite as rewarding as seeing your students learn and grow. It’s so gratifying when you know that you’ve made a positive impact on the life of another person. Students in Asia have a well-earned reputation of being disciplined and passionate learners. Teaching English in Asia also gives you the chance to see various teaching methods and share your methods with other educators.

  • How much can you earn teaching English in China?

    Your income will be based on the work location and school type along with your qualifications and level of teaching experience. On average, rates of pay start at RMB 14,000 (GBP 1,618) (AUD 2,050) (ZAR 28,740) per month, with some paying as highly as RMB 22,000 (GBP 2,545) (AUD 4,565) (ZAR 45,165) per month. Private schools and those with more demanding rosters generally have higher pay rates than government schools.

  • What's included and provided?

    Your salary package will also include an end of contract reimbursement for your return international flight although some schools may include your outward flight. You will also receive medical insurance for the duration of your tenure. Teachers are provided with free accommodation or an accommodation allowance from the employer school. Some schools also offer paid holidays, Chinese lessons, lunches and an end of contract bonus.

  • How much does it cost to live in China?

    As you’ll be saving money on accommodation, you’ll already notice a difference in your bank balance. China also has low utility costs, very affordable dining and cheap public transport. Teachers’ salaries and bonuses are very generous when compared with western countries. It’s not uncommon for a teacher to be able to save more than 50% of their income while working in China. 

Great Experiences.

No matter where your career takes you after teaching in Asia, you’ll have transferable skills that last for life. Many employers look favourably on people who can communicate across cultural barriers. In a globalised corporate world, the most successful people work in multicultural teams across multiple locations. Your adaptability, language and organisational skills will be one of your greatest assets for years to come.

Lasting Connections.

Whether you have social or career climbing in mind, teaching in Asia offers great opportunities to expand your horizons. Your experience of teaching in Asia will give you the chance to make lifelong friends. You’ll learn from other professionals in teaching while immersing yourself in a completely different culture. Plus, you can build professional networks with people living and working in one of the world’s largest economies.

The World Awaits

Asia is one of the best continents in which to teach English as a second language, not just because it has some of the highest paying teaching positions. There’s also a rich and exciting culture to experience, great food, breath taking natural beauty and friendly, welcoming locals.