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Shenzhen is the perfect city if you love technology. What was once a small fishing town is now a world-leading hub of tech’ hardware manufacture and innovation. It’s known as one of the cleanest large Chinese cities, boasting tree-lined streets and large parks. Shenzhen is home to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and many multinational companies also have their headquarters in the city. Local authorities estimate the actual population at 20 million when including visitors and temporary residents. Many are attracted to Shenzhen’s comparatively low rent, wide variety of cuisine and vibrant nightlife. 

Shenzhen Fast Facts

Prefecture-level and Sub-provincial city
Established –  1979 CE
Population – 12,528,300

Shenzhen Weather

Hottest Month July (29 °C avg)
Coldest Month January (16 °C avg)
Wettest Month June (202.4 mm avg)
Windiest Month June (12 km/h avg)
Annual Rainfall 917.3 mm (per year)

10 Things to See and Do in Shenzhen

Window of the World

See 130 reproductions of world-famous tourist attractions squeezed just 48 hectares! 

Splendid China Folk Village

A theme park celebrating the rich Chinese history, art, customs, culture, and architecture. 

Hong Kong Wetland Park

This conservation area features café and souvenir shop alongside educational displays. 

Happy Valley Shenzhen

Tons of fun for lovers of roller coasters and rides, with nine fully themed areas in the park. 

Dameisha Beach

Relax, swim and socialise on this long, sandy beach with beautiful mountain views. 

Lianhuashan Park

The perfect place to fly a kite! Enjoy wide lawns, bronze statue and lovely gardens. 


Head to the public observation deck for an unbeatable view in this 100-floor skyscraper. 

Shenzhen Safari Park

This open-air zoo contains endangered giant pandas and tigers, plus enjoyable daily shows.  

Fairy Lake Botanical Garden

Spend a day exploring the plants and scenery in this huge botanical garden and arboretum. 

Dafen Oil Painting Village

One for the art-lovers, this district is full of oil paintings, replicas and art supplies for sale. 

Cost Of Living

Cinema 62 7.08 12.95 129.49
Water 2 0.23 0.42 4.18
Beer in a bar 24 2.74 5.01 49.91
Beer in a shop 5 0.57 1.04 10.44
Coke 4 0.46 0.84 8.35
Meal at a cheap restaurant 25 2.85 5.21 51.99
Meal at an average restaurant 58 6.62 12.10 120.62
Meal at a high end restaurant 92 10.50 19.19 191.32
Gym per month 325 37.09 67.79 675.87
City bus 3 0.34 0.63 6.27
Monthly utility bills (electricity, heating, water, rubbish) 320 36.52 66.75 665.47
Loaf of bread 12 1.37 2.51 25.06

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