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The Chinese culture features an abundance of the material and spiritual values, unchanged over millennia ready to welcome English teachers in China. Despite the influence from outside and numerous invasions, the Chinese culture preserved its individuality and unique identity. Many of the achievements of the mankind date back to the Chinese civilization. China’s ancient treasures exceed all other countries for size and number — from ancient palaces to the Great Wall, city walls, buried armies, canals, pagodas, temples, and giant Buddhas. People are friendly, food is good, culture is unique, and the history is deep in China.

China’s climate is dependent on region. In the north and central regions there is almost continual rainfall, temperate summers with top temperatures around 26 degrees Celsius and winters with lows of 0 degrees Celsius. In the southeast region you can experience a humid and semi-tropical summer and mild winter with lows of around 10 degrees Celsius. Agriculture, manufacturing and science and technology are the major contributors to the local economy. Fluent English speakers are in demand in China due to the prevalence of business with western countries and the economic growth in the region.

Why Teach with TTI?

  • Easy application process completed in three to six weeks.
  • Assistance with your application process, Visa, TEFL or TESOL certificate.
  • Advice information and resources to support your journey.
  • In-country support from our bi-lingual team.
  • Partner schools are vetted and well-managed.
  • Lower cost of living, great experiences and opportunities to explore.

What You Need

Our schools prefer that you only speak English in class, so you don’t need to learn Chinese (Mandarin) before you depart. While some schools may like it if you have previous teaching experience, it is not mandatory. Most of the teaching jobs require a bachelor’s degree in any subject, but there are limited schools who do accept native speakers without a degree. TTI can help you through an easy application process to obtain the Visa, TEFL or TESOL certificate. Once the paperwork is complete, we will help to place you in a school in one of your preferred cities.

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Choose Your City, Choose Your Adventure


It’s a major tourist destination for Chinese and international travellers, famed for fresh, locally grown produce, great air quality and a relaxed lifestyle.


It’s popular with tourists thanks to its beautiful hills, lakes and rivers, historic old city, and modern metropolitan conveniences. Wuxi is known as ‘Little Shanghai


Ningbo is a major exporter of food, electrical goods, textiles, and industrial tools. Most Chinese know Ningbo best for its abundance of seafood.


If you’re a people person who loves city life, Shanghai is for you. It’s China’s largest city and the most populous city in the world.


A perfect city for experiencing the best of Chinese ingenuity. It’s considered the home of the Chinese opera, kung fu and lion dance.


Xi’an is a vibrant cultural, industrial and educational city in the central-northwest region of China. It’s one of the oldest cities in China.

How to apply to teach English in China

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