Your safety is our primary concern

TTI Recruit and our partners would like to take this opportunity to assure the public that the safety of our applicants is our primary concern. In relation to the recent outbreak of the new coronavirus, we can assure you that both our team and the relevant authorities in China are taking all appropriate measures to lower the potential risk of coming in contact with the virus.

We promise to continue monitoring the situation closely and continue to evaluate our initiatives with our candidates best interest at heart. We have every bit of faith in the Chinese Government, Authorities and Health Professionals to continue doing their great work in obtaining control of this situation.

Always, with the public’s best interest at our core, we strongly suggest you to continue your application through our web portals as to ensure everything is ready for you once the outbreak has been fully contained and China once again, becomes the bustling, exciting and vibrant country we’ve all come to admire.

To further cement our commitment to our candidates. TTI Recruit is now canvassing for graduate teachers in Thailand, Vietnam and South Korea in addition to China. We pride ourselves on our ability to place graduates in countries with energetic and beautiful cities that support their personal and professional development.

Please do contact any one of our offices here if you have any questions or concerns.

The world awaits…