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World class attractions and festivals, amazing transport infrastructure, the world’s fastest broadband and cutting-edge technology is plentiful in South Korea. The population has a reputation for being friendly and law abiding, making for a welcoming environment to travel. While the urban centres are densely populated, there is still a lot of natural beauty to enjoy. Some westerners may be surprised to know South Korea is a world-leader in break dancing and salsa, while many would already be familiar with one of its biggest cultural exports, K-Pop.

South Korea’s climate is temperate with the average during summer sitting around 25 degrees Celsius and in winter dropping to an average of -2.5. Its economy is the fourth largest in Asia with ship building, electronics, tourism and automobiles being major contributors. South Korea invests heavily in the education of its population and as such, there is a high demand for fluent English speakers to teach language skills to students aged three to 18 years.

Why Teach with TTI?

  • Easy application process completed in three to six weeks.
  • Assistance with your application process, Visa, TEFL or TESOL certificate.
  • Advice information and resources to support your journey.
  • In-country support from our bi-lingual team.
  • Partner schools are vetted and well-managed.
  • Lower cost of living, great experiences and opportunities to explore.

What You Need

Our schools prefer that you only speak English in class, so you don’t need to learn Korean (Hangugeo) before you depart. While some schools may like it if you have previous teaching experience, it is not mandatory. Most of the teaching jobs require a bachelor’s degree in any subject, but there are limited schools who do accept native speakers without a degree. TTI can help you through an easy application process to obtain the Visa, TEFL or TESOL certificate. Once the paperwork is complete, we will help to place you in a school in one of your preferred cities.

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Choose Your City, Choose Your Adventure


The largest city in South Korea, Seoul is a combination of modern and ancient architecture, cutting-edge technology and ageless traditions.


A popular spot for sporting events, tourism, filmmaking and the Busan International Film Festival, it also boasts the world’s largest department store.


This charming seaside town features gorgeous waterfalls, including the famous Jeongbang Falls, the only one in Asia to fall straight into the ocean.

Jeju city

The largest city on Jeju Island, off the Korean Peninsula is a popular tourist destination with luxury hotels and casinos attracting South Korean and Chinese visitors.


Known for lovely beaches where it is popular to watch the sunrise, picturesque mountains and lakes and an impressive 128 cultural sites, Gangneeung offers plenty to enjoy.


Nearby you’ll find mountains with traditional temples including the famous stone Buddha ‘Gatbawi. While the city offers great shopping, food, sport and festivals.

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