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If you’re a history buff, you’ll be captivated by Nanjing. The city, located in the Yangtze River Delta region, holds great importance in Chinese history and culture. A historical seat of power, between the 3rd century and 1949 it was the capital of many Chinese dynasties, kingdoms and governments. Nanjing is home to one of the world’s largest inland ports, making it a hub for transport networks and tourism. It’s a major centre for culture, education, and research and boasts a very well-educated populace, with the highest ratio of college students to total population in China. 

Nanjing Fast Facts

Prefecture-level and Sub-provincial city 
Established – 495 BCE
Population – 8,335,000

Nanjing Weather

Hottest Month July (29 °C avg)
Coldest Month January (3 °C avg)
Wettest Month July (113.5 mm avg)
Windiest Month March (10 km/h avg)
Annual Rainfall 543.8 mm (per year)

10 Things to See and Do in Nanjing

Stone City

Explore what remains of Nanjing’s ancient fortified city wall from the Ming Dynasty. 

Laomen East Pedestrian Street

Take your time to explore the shops and cafes nestled in traditional streets and buildings.

Hongshan Forest Zoo

The zoological exhibits span 171 acres of park and forest and feature 280 kinds of animals.

Purple Mountain

This 448.2 m high mountain has an observatory, historic Xiaoling Mausoleum, and lake. 

Nanjing Museum

One of the largest museums in China with over 400,000 items in its permanent collection. 

Ming Palace

“Forbidden City of Nanjing” is a 14th-century imperial palace of the early Ming dynasty.

Jiming Temple

Unwind at this peaceful Buddhist temple and dine at the renowned vegetarian restaurant.

Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum

Learn more about the “Father of Modern China” at the majestic site of his mausoleum. 

Yinxing Lake

Enjoy the rides, lakes, golf, eating and entertainment at this enjoyable amusement park. 

Zifeng Tower

Book a meal with a view at a restaurant near the top of this 450-metre super tall skyscraper.

Cost Of Living

Cinema 60 6.85 12.52 124.78
Water 2 0.23 0.42 4.18
Beer in a bar 20 2.28 4.17 41.59
Beer in a shop 8 0.91 1.67 16.64
Coke 3 0.34 0.63 6.24
Meal at a cheap restaurant 20 2.28 4.17 41.59
Meal at an average restaurant 50 5.71 10.43 103.98
Meal at a high end restaurant 90 10.27 18.77 187.16
Gym per month 205 23.40 42.76 426.32
City bus 2 0.23 0.42 4.18
Monthly utility bills (electricity, heating, water, rubbish) 350 39.95 73.01 727.86
Loaf of bread 6 0.68 1.25 12.48

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