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Chongqing has been described it as one of China’s 13 emerging megalopolises and is the fastest growing urban centre on earth. It’s located in southwest China beside the Yangtze, aka the “Golden River”. An important manufacturing centre and transportation hub, Chongqing is considered the economic centre of the Yangtze basin. If you like your public transport to come with a view, you’ll enjoy Chongqing’s unique public aerial tramways. Lovers of seafood and spices will relish the local Sichuan cuisine including Jiangtuan fish and other delicacies caught fresh from the river.

Chongqing Fast Facts

Settled – 316 BCE 
Population – 30,484,300

Chongqing Weather

Hottest Month July (29 °C avg)
Coldest Month January (8 °C avg)
Wettest Month June (126.6 mm avg)
Windiest Month August (7 km/h avg)
Annual Rainfall 641.3 mm (per year)

10 Things to See and Do in Chongqing

The Qutang Gorge

Take a small boat tour or a Yangtze cruise to see one of the most stunning gorges in China.  

The Dazu Rock Carvings

See these Buddhist, Confucian and Taoist sculptures that date back to the 7th century CE. 

Fengdu Ghost City

Explore a superb range of shrines, temples and monasteries dedicated to the afterlife.  


Wander through traditional buildings, souvenir shops and restaurants in this ancient town. 


Breathtaking views and architecture dominate this ancient fortress and temple complex. 

Furong Cave

Take a day tour of this wondrous karst cave located on the banks of the Furong River. 

Jiefangbei CBD

This large pedestrian mall is the place to be if you like to shop and eat tasty street food. 

The Three Gorges Museum

One of China’s largest museums with fascinating natural history and archaeological finds.

Eling Park

See rare plant species and the Liangjiang Pavilion tower, with views of the entire city.

Chongqing Zoo

Animal lovers will enjoy the species on show, including pandas, tigers, and monkeys. 

Cost Of Living

Cinema 60 6.85 12.53 125.36
Water 4 0.46 0.84 8.36
Beer in a bar 15 1.71 3.13 31.34
Beer in a shop 6 0.68 1.25 12.54
Coke 4 0.46 0.84 8.36
Meal at a cheap restaurant 15 1.71 3.13 31.34
Meal at an average restaurant 30 3.42 6.27 62.68
Meal at a high end restaurant 100 11.42 20.89 208.93
Gym per month 208.33 23.78 43.52 435.27
City bus 2 0.23 0.42 4.18
Monthly utility bills (electricity, heating, water, rubbish) 320 36.53 66.85 668.59
Loaf of bread 13 1.48 2.72 27.16

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